Monday, June 14, 2010

Paeon to the Peony

'Christmas Velvet'

Commanding attention, amid fanfare and adoration, Madame Peony arrives, with a swish of her flouncy skirts and frothy petticoats and her almost-too-strong perfume.


And well she knows, though she may grace humble gardens, and sumptuous bouquets, she rightfully belongs at the court of an emperor, esteemed beyond value, graced with songs of praise.

'Charlie's White'

But, though filled with spectacle, her visit is tinged with sadness, for she knows, as do her admirers, that her time is brief, all too brief.

Those who adore her re-order their lives, shunning other distractions to remain by her side.

And once she is gone, no traces will linger – no straggling blooms, no fragrant reminder.

'White Sands'

But she leaves us a lesson, taught in dazzling fashion, to cherish each moment and to not waste a day.


Though Beauty is fleeting and flamboyance will fade...

there is wonder to be found in the simplest of ways.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Antique Rose Farm

Antique. Rose. Farm.

Three words we love.

And together forming the name of a place of vintage beauty and charm that we visited on Saturday, the first sunny day after a dreary succession of decidedly un-summery days.

Roses and barns and cows and antiques and garden delights aplenty.

And a sunny field brimming with old garden roses, scampering on trellises and clambering over arbors.

Displays to inspire...

And, of course, lots of farm-style homes for the birds!

A delightful day out in the country!