Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Forest Pansy

Autumn can make be moody and melancholy. The dark, the damp, the dreary.

But this week such gloom and glum has been banished by Seattle's record-breaking warm and sunny weather – 74 degrees today! November! Not an occasion to squander.

So, the last two days have found me on a frantic and frenetic frenzy of photographing fall foliage!

Yesterday's first stop was magic, no doubt. Lured by a liquid light swishing through multi-colored leaves in a park I've driven past hundreds of times, I was enchanted to discover sweet trees festooned with golden hearts!

And with such a sweet name – 'Forest Pansy', of the Redbud family. (Cersis canadensis)

Nature's garlands, buntings and banners.

I left exhilarated, elated and extra-appreciative of living in such a gorgeous city.

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