Saturday, November 20, 2010

Autumn Foliage in Bruges

Hello and warm greetings! Our balmy, sunny autumn has flown with the leaves on strong winds – winds that cleared the skies for a magical view of a glorious, almost-full moon last night. Did you see it? At midnight, looking out from the upper windows, our property appeared as if in near daylight with deep shadows cast by the trees and all else silvered with gleaming light. And the day dawned with ice on the bird baths and a faint threat of snow.

A day to stay in and delight in armchair travel! Join me on a little surprise tour. David recently returned from a wonderful trip to Belgium, including the magnificent medieval city of Bruges with the famous Flemish light, loved by painters for centuries:

Canals, marvelous architecture, autumn color, and a sweet pup napping in the sun.

In Bruges, two prominent features are chocolate and lace.

As well as beautiful views that haven't changed in hundreds of years.

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